What is BOPIS?

November 19, 2019 | Announcements

BOPIS, an industry acronym that means buy online and pick up in store, is a new type of distribution model that
combines an online presence with a physical location. In order to reduce delivery times and eliminate shipping
costs, as well as improve customer service, retailers are offering their customers the option to have their online
purchases available for immediate pick-up at their storefronts. Other terms used in this new and growing space are
BOPIL, meaning buy online pickup in locker, BOSS, buy online ship-to store, and Click and Collect.

Brick and Mortar retailers are connecting the gaps in their online e-commerce strategies and physical footprint with their BOPIS
programs. The program leverages the traditional strength of the Brick and Mortar approach with the convenience found online which is helping to recover and replace the foot traffic and customer loyalty lost due to shifting buying patterns and online retail giants. BOPIS is allowing retailers the ability to achieve their ultimate goal of giving a great customer experience, creating that necessary customer loyalty for a successful business. A study on consumer buying trends during the 2018 holiday shopping season showed that Click and Collect was a competitive advantage for Brick and Mortar retailers.

Online only retailers are recognizing the value of a physical location, addressing the “last mile problem” with cost-effective delivery, and are quickly following suit with their own models, installing lockers throughout North America, providing customers the same advantages. These machines are being installed in such places as Condominiums, Apartment Units, Transit Centers, Warehouse Campuses, and many more convenient locations.

Vidir has been servicing the Retail, Manufacturing, and the Warehouse industries for over 30 years. Our tradition of
quality and excellent customer service has established us as leaders in the vertical storage industry.
We are proud to announce the most recent innovation in our family of products with our new BOPOS machine.
BOPOS, meaning buy online pickup on site, expands on the current BOPIS programs available in the marketplace.
The innovative combination of automation, machinery, and software that our program provides combines the value
proposition of BOPIS systems with the Click and Collect locker systems. Our standalone solution can be executed
in any environment and can be modified to work within the needs of Brick and Mortar Retailers, Online Retailers,
Distribution Companies, Freight Forwarders and many more.

We can install machines in various environments such as apartment complexes, hospitals, universities, warehouses,
subways, shopping centres, and many more. Our software is intuitive, and customer focused making it easy to use
with or without staff when the customer arrives for parcel pick up. Our carousel is accurate, secure, and provides
capacity for large volumes in a minimal footprint. The modular carriers that rotate up and down to deliver items
to the customer at an ergonomic height can store various sized items, whether using standard sizes or specific sizes at different ratios. The flexible carrier was designed to best optimize the available cubic feet within the carousel. Our machines take advantage of vertical space reducing square footage required to provide a combination of efficiency and savings. Our carousel is built with exceptional durability, simplicity in design, robust build quality and materials.

Vidir supports its BOPOS program with over 30 years of industry experience servicing and maintaining machinery across the globe. We are a worldwide supplier with highly qualified engineers and customer service to provide 24/7 support.

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