Customer Testimonials

See how Vidir’s Vertical Solutions integrate and help improve our customer’s workflow.

Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

The great people at Harper Industries explain how Vidirs Vertical Lift Module (VLM) has seamlessly integrated into their manufacturing environment, improved the speed at which they serve their own customers, increased safety for their people, and helped make everyday operations more efficient.

Retail Carousels & Displays

Home Hardware Building Center in Arborg, MB showcases several of Vidir’s products for their retail needs. One of the shareholder’s tours us through their facility as he shares his experience working with Vidir.

Vertical Lifts

Northwest Door manufactures a range of high quality residential and commercial garage doors in Puyallup, WA and chose Vidir for their automated storage needs.

Garment Carousel

Brown County High School purchased a Vidir Garment Carousel to manage their theater costumes for school and community productions. Watch to find out how a local school was able to improve their space with automated storage technology!

Wire Carousels

Thermon Canada is an industrial process heating company that sells and produces heat trace cable for clients all over the globe. They purchased multiple Wire Carousels from Vidir for their plants in Canada and the US to increase their productivity, massively reducing their handling times.

Vertical Lifts

Brenco Industries is British Columbia’s largest metal processor and fabricator. They purchased two Vertical Lift Systems to address space and organizational concerns in their facility. They saved valuable floor space and increased their productivity and safety, and enabled them to scale their storage.

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