Textile Carousel

Automated textile storage and display solution

Textile Carousel

Vidir’s Textile Carousel is an automated vertical carousel that stores and retrieves rolled goods efficiently and ergonomically.  The motorized textile carousel is designed to effectively accomodate a wide variety of fabric rolls including woven, non-woven, knitted, synthetic, netting, and technical fabrics (such as Gore-Tex and Gannex) in a broad range of widths, diameters and sizes.

The automated storage system utilizes the vertical space in retail stores, manufacturing operations, or warehouses and brings the desired roll to the operator’s level, eliminating the need to manually handle textile rolls.

Vidir’s Textile Carousel is a value-added solution for warehouse automation programs and improves both productivity and safety.

Product Advantages

Increase Available Inventory

The motorized Textile Carousel increases useable storage capacity by applying the Product-To-Operator principle in underutilized overhead space. Featuring built-to-specification flexibility, Vidir's Rolled Goods Carousels provide superior fit and space utilization.


Increase Efficiency

Vidir's Textile Carousel may be commonly used as either a storage unit or integrated into production lines. Either application benefits from the increased efficiencies that a vertical carousel provides, whether the result is increased output from almost negligible roll changeover times or the potential realized by automating storage and real-time inventory tracking.


Increase Health and Safety

Mechanical storage eliminates wasteful and potentially harmful steps for stock and retrieving rolled materials. The Textile Carousel accomplishes this by automating retrieval and presenting rolls at an ergonomically optimum height, which reduces unnecessary bending, walking, lifting, and pushing, which will reduce work-related injuries.


Inventory Management Options

Vidir's Textile Carousel can be equipped with one of Vidir's various inventory control solutions which greatly reduce retrieval times and provide real-time inventory data. In order to improve production flow and allow the operator to pull the rolled goods off the carousel with control and accuracy, this automated storage system can be equipped with bearings, tension collars, locking collars, and tapered cones. Additional configurations include heavy-duty models, multi-tower or over-the-top carousels, and multi-space or rear loading configurations.

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