Carousel Mate Cutter

Ultimate manual flooring cutter solution

Carousel Mate Cutter

Vidir’s Carousel Mate Flooring Cutter is an entry-level cutter featuring hand crank operation, mechanical counters, and a bi-directional fixed cutting blade.

The product is pulled across the surface of the cutting table and secured to the re-roller. The material will then be pulled from the carousel as required and finally cut to the desired length.

Product Advantages


Vidir's Carousel Mate Flooring Cutters are integrated with Vidir Carousels to allow a single individual to unroll, inspect, measure, cut, and re-roll rolls of vinyl and carpet directly from a carousel to provide a seamlessly integrated solution for carpet and vinyl merchandising.


Carousel Mate Features

  • Electronic Double Shaft Encoder counting system measures in Imperial or Metric
  • Intuitive push button interface for easy operation
  • Manual re-roller for rolling and packaging cut product


2-Step Manual Process

  • Manually wind the re-roller to the correct measurement
  • Crank the handle to move the cutter across and complete the cut


Shrink Wrapping

2 people are required to shrink wrap rolled material. 1 person manually turns the rollers, and 1 person uses a handheld shrink wrap to wrap the roll.

Options & Accessories