Vidir Goes Vertical With 2 New Lifts

November 04, 2014 | Announcements

Our commitment to maximizing your storage space has gone one step further with our new Sheet Metal Vertical Lift and Bar Stock/Linear Vertical Lift.

Vidir’s Vertical Lifts are automated storage and retrieval systems that improves material storage and flow through its ability to deposit and retrieve cartridges and directly deliver them to the operator.

Workplace safety is not an issue for Vidir’s Vertical Lift. Capable of storing bulky and heavy materials overhead and securely delivering them to operators, the Vertical Lift improves safety by offering a controlled distribution method that removes any strain from the operator.

Vidir is excited to introduce two new vertical storage solutions. We have taken vertical storage to new heights with our Sheet Metal Vertical Lift and Bar Stock/Linear Vertical Lift.

Sheet Metal Vertical Lift 

The Sheet Metal Vertical Lift is designed to hold flat materials and specifically operates to feed sheet laser processing centers.

Essentially a storage system capable of continuously feeding production machines, the Sheet Metal Vertical Lift maximizes efficiency while simultaneously optimizing storage space.

Maximized storage space is achieved by replacing multiple sheet metal racks with one singular automated storage unit that regulates flow of materials.

Bar Stock/Linear Vertical Lift

Our more versatile vertical lift, the Bar Stock/Linear Vertical Lift is adaptable and can be built to specification, allowing it to accommodate various applications.

Thanks to its adaptability, the cartridges for this vertical lift can hold nearly any linear object including bar stock, pipes and beams.

In addition to its versatility, the Bar Stock/Linear Vertical Lift safely reduces the storage footprint by taking advantage of the often-unused overhead storage space and synchronizes the delivery method through a secured and controlled format.

Contact your Vidir representative today to learn more about our new Vertical Lifts and how they can optimize your storage space in more than one way.

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