Bicycle Merchandising System (BMS)

Ultimate bicycle storage and display solution

Bicycle Merchandising System (BMS)

Vidir’s Bicycle Merchandising System (or BMS) provides unparalleled visibility and are the premiere bicycle display racks for retail in North America.

The increased visibility and accessibility of Vidir’s Bicycle Merchandising System aligns closely with natural purchasing patterns demonstrated by buyers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Product Advantages

Increase Available Storage

Vidir's Bicycle Merchandising System was carefully designed to balance storage, display, accessibility, and visibility requirements in retail environments to create the ideal commercial bicycle rack for displaying large bicycle inventories with a limited footprint.

Vidir's modular design allows for up to 10 bicycles in every 5' 11"   |   1499mm section, providing secure, visible, and most importantly accessible overhead storage.


Increase Visibility and Accessibility

Vidir's Bicycle Display is unrivaled in the industry for visibility and accessibility. Every single position features dynamic movement to ensure that the viewer can safely browse your entire inventory comfortably and easily.

The likelihood of converting a potential customer into a paying customer through the use of the Vidir Bike Rack is increased exponentially as the dynamic rack allows the customer to browse at their leisure and make the informed purchasing decisions that can only be facilitated by the physical examination of a bicycle.


Increase Health & Safety

Typical multi-level bike racks are static and require store associates to use ladders or movable stairs to access the bicycles. Bikes are both heavy and bulky which makes navigating this retrieval process unnatural and dangerous while negatively impacting sales as it reduces the customer's ability to closely examine the bicycles without occupying an associate's undivided attention for extended periods of time.

Vidir's Bike Display Rack eliminates these risks as bicycles may be easily retrieved and returned without ever leaving the security of the bike rack.

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