Paint Can Carousel

Ultimate paint can storage and display solution

Paint Can Carousel

Vidir’s Paint Can Carousel is a welcome addition to the retail floor of any store that sells 1 gallon cans of paint. These unique storage and display carousels offer the customer a way to shop, compare, and make paint selection at the touch of a button. And, best of all, it looks great on a retail floor.

The product organization, ease of taking inventory, and the small footprint make Vidir’s Paint Can Carousel an asset to any paint supplier.

Product Advantages

Increase Available Inventory

Vidir's Paint Can Carousel provides greater capacity for stocking paint in addition to requiring a smaller footprint than conventional paint racks. Due to this increased capacity, and the newly available floor space, the addition of a Paint Can Carousel will give you an edge by increasing revenue per square foot.

This storage and display carousel towers over adjacent shelving with sizes ranging from under 10' to just over 20', to ensure that your paint department will be foremost in your customers' mind as leader within the paint industry.


Increase Efficiency

Vidir's Paint Can Carousel increases efficiencies by integrating the storage into the retail environment. Storage and retrieval is quick and accurate, allowing for more time to assist customers, and processing of more orders throughout the day.


Increase Health & Safety

Implementation of the Product-to-Person Principle eliminates wasteful and harmful steps for stocking and retrieving paint cans. Vidir's Paint Can Carousel ensures that operators are working at ergonomically acceptable heights. This reduction in unnecessary bending, walking, lifting, and pushing reduces workplace injuries.

Options & Accessories