Ultimate online pickup fulfillment solution


Vidir’s BOPOS Carousel (Buy Online Pickup On Site) is an automated storage and retrieval system that provides a technical and efficient back end solution to your growing online sales platform for micro-fulfillment center, and a value-added solution for warehouse automation programs that improves both productivity and safety.

The system tracks and manages every package placed inside the carousel for quick and easy retrieval.

Product Advantages

Program Integration

The carousel can be utilized by BOPIS programs, micro-fulfillment and e-commerce solutions, inventory management systems, and other locker exchange programs that are growing in scale and opportunity. Vidir's BOPOS Carousel provides a Last-Mile Delivery solution for your click and collect strategies. By utilizing AS/RS technology, the system can scale and utilize overhead space, providing a high-density locker system with a frictionless customer experience.

Our team has turnkey or bespoke solutions that are engineered to help reduce lost/misplaced inventory and curtail unhappy customers while helping increase time-management on the retail and warehouse floors.



Solutions for Retail, Pharmacies, Grocers & More

Increased market share in these hyper-competitive industries comes from the ability to adapt to consumer behavior and expectations, quickly and meaningfully. BOPIS Automated Pickup solutions are a cutting-edge bolt-on for any large-scale order management process that allows for a next-level customer experience. Vidir's Automated Pickup (BOPOS) Solutions have been developed to give you the unique selling proposition you're looking for.



Customer or Employee-Only Access

Customer Access - The customer simply walks up to the interface, scans their order bar code, and the carousel will rotate to the correct location. A pick light will indicate which locker their order is located in, and the locker door will be unlocked, giving the customer access to their items.

Employee Access - The customer walks up to the Order Pickup counter, provides their order bar code, the employee scans this into the interface and retrieves the customer's items within minutes.



Vidir's Cartlift - A Complimentary Product

Store empty carts efficiently, or pre-load carts with online orders. Vidir's Cartlift is a helpful add-on to the BOPOS Carousel, useful for Retail locations that also offer large items that can be ordered online for pickup in store. Storage restrictions make it difficult to set these items aside, readily available for when customers arrive to pick them up. Oftentimes, carts are left on the sales floor while waiting, obstructing customer movement and interfering with customers' shopping experience. Vidir's Cartlift solves these problems with a simple, efficient solution

Flat carts are loaded onto the lift deck, allowing 2 carts per deck, and secured with a locking mechanism. The deck can then be raised with one-touch controls to allow 2 more carts to be loaded below it. This can be repeated as needed to be able to store up to 10 carts in one Cartlift, taking up a footprint slightly larger than 2 carts.

Key Features

24/7 Pickup Order Availability

Quick and easy pickup experience

Fits In Where You Need It

Sleek, vertical storage design with a choice of two applications

Improved Pickup Workflow

Simple validation, storage, and retrieval

Automated Process

A simple, frictionless experience that reduces customer wait times

Contactless Process

Limited or no employee-to-customer interactions.

Custom Deployment

Apply the technology in a way that compliments your current processes.

Industry Compliant

We’ve considered compliance and regulations in a wide array of industries.

Reduces Last-Mile Costs

Enabling customers to pick up on-demand means more customers opt to go the extra mile for you.

Options & Accessories