Hollow Core Carousel

Ultimate hollow core storage solution

Hollow Core Carousel

Vidir’s patented Hollow Core Carousel is the ideal solution for storing, organizing, and accessing printing cylinders. Designed specifically for the needs of the printing and converting industry, this vertical carousel is built to effectively integrate within a busy printing production environment.

The Hollow Core Carousel features a cantilevered design that reduces tooling changeover times allowing print sleeves to slide in and out of the carousel quickly and efficiently. Timed rotation protects inventory and prevents sleeves from deforming during storage.

Product Advantages

Increase Available Storage

Vidir's Hollow Core Carousel increases your on-site storage capacity by utilizing overhead space for storing printing cylinders and tooling. Featuring built to specification flexibility, this automated storage system provides extreme fit and space utilization to ensure that the cubic foot is being fully utilized.


Increase Efficiency

Vidir's Hollow Core Carousel increases production and organizational efficiencies through the almost negligible product tooling changeovers and the potential for real-time inventory tracking. The Hollow Core Carousel features carousel automation allowing the operator to call out product and the ability to implement inventory management software that will provide real-time data.


Increase Health & Safety

Automated storage systems eliminate wasteful and potentially harmful steps for stocking and retrieving valuable print cylinders. The vertical carousel accomplishes this by implementing the Product-to-Operator Principle which delivers the printing sleeves to the operator at an ergonomically acceptable height, reducing unnecessary bending, walking, lifting, and pushing, which will reduce work-related injuries as well as protect valuable inventory.

Alternative vertical storage such as static cantilevered racking requires the Operator-to-Product Principle for retrieval which, in vertical storage, is hazardous to the employee, dangerous for the product, and very time consuming.

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