Medical Supplies Carousel

High-density medical inventory management solution

Medical Supplies Carousel

Vidir’s Medical Supplies Carousel is a uniquely designed automated storage and retrieval solution that utilizes wasted vertical space and provides maximum density for storing vials, syringes, rubber gloves, medical tape, and small boxed supplies, etc, to preserve usable floor space for more important matters.

Vidir is proud to include the Medical Supplies Carousel as part of their Vertical Storage Family of Solutions, and excited to introduce new innovations to continue their industry-leading support of high-density vertical storage in all industry settings.

Product Advantages

Increase Available Inventory

Vidir's Medical Supplies Carousel increases your available inventory capacity by increasing storage density, and utilizing previously inaccessible vertical space. The increased density is accomplished through a series of interchangeable dividers and removable intermediary shelves that allow you to easily reconfigure the carousel interior to store a diverse range of medical supplies.

Increase Efficiency

Automated vertical carousels such as the Medical Supplies Carousel, or medical supplies paternoster machine as it's referred to in Europe, increase the effectiveness of medical supply processing through a combination of quick retrievals and increased picking accuracy. Additionally, the Medical Supplies Carousel operates under the Product-to-Person Principle which ensures that there is no longer wasted time with search and retrieval as all medical supplies are delivered to a central access point regardless of their location within the carousel. The Medical Supplies Carousel can be integrated with inventory management software that will not only track your inventory but also process pick lists that provide fast, reliable, and worry-free retrieval. An Emergency Drill Drive allows for access to supplies at all times, even during power outages.

Increase Health & Safety

Implementation of the Product-to-Person Principle eliminates potentially harmful steps for stocking and retrieving medical supplies. Vidir's Medical Supplies Carousel ensures that operators are working at ergonomically acceptable heights, reducing unnecessary bending, stretching, climbing on ladders, and retrieval from cramped storage spaces. Clear walkways, no possibility of falling items, and fewer accidents increase workplace health and safety.

Increase Security

Vidir's Medical Supplies Carousel offers password protection, access logs, and optional security gates. These options allow medical supplies to remain safe and secure while still being in a readily accessible location for when they're needed.

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