Print Cylinder Carousel

Ultimate print cylinder management solution

Print Cylinder Carousel

Vidir’s Print Cylinder Carousel is an automated vertical carousel that effortlessly stores and retrieves print cylinders vertically, which increases storage capacity and accessibility.

This print cylinder storage system integrates into busy production environments. facilitating printing press changeovers with quick and efficient storage.

The unique carrier bar loop hanger allows a single operator to safely load and unload print cylinders to and from the carousel.

Product Advantages

Increase Available Storage


Vidir's Print Cylinder Carousel increases useable storage capacity by automating storage, creating productive print cylinder storage out of otherwise inefficient overhead space. The Product-to-Operator Principle ensures that print cylinders will always be easily accessible regardless of whether they are 10' in the air or 30' in the air. The Print Cylinder Carousel features built to specification flexibility, which will guarantee highly productive storage.


Increase Efficiency


Vidir's Print Cylinder Carousel can be integrated into production environments easily. Production processes benefit from the increased efficiencies that a vertical carousel provides, whether the result is increased output from almost negligible cylinder changeovers or the potential realized by automating storage and real-time inventory control.


Increase Health & Safety


Automated storage systems eliminate wasteful and potentially harmful steps for stocking and retrieving heavy print cylinders. Vidir carousels accomplish this by automating retrieval and presenting print sleeves at an ergonomically optimum height which reduces unnecessary bending, walking, lifting, and pushing, which will reduce workplace injuries.

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