Warranty Agreement

  1. Vidir Solutions warrants all parts and workmanship against defects for a period of two years from date of delivery.
  2. All work except minor repairs or adjustments to the system furnished on an emergency basis, will be performed during regular working hours. If the Purchaser or its agent requests that repair work be performed beyond regular working hours, it is the responsibility of the Purchaser to pay the difference between regular and premium labour rates at the then standard hourly billing rate.
  3. This warranty shall in no way bind Vidir Solutions to make corrections, replacements or repairs necessitated by the (a) user’s improper operation or misuse of the equipment or systems, (b) by negligence of the user or others, (c) damage caused by floods, lightning and other acts of God.
  4. Vidir Solutions is not obligated under this warranty to make field safety tests or to install new attachments or additional controls or equipment recommended or directed by any insurance company, laboratory, or government authority.
  5. Vidir Solutions agrees to repair all workmanship which is disclosed within a period of 30 days after the performance thereof is found to be defective.
  6. The Purchaser is expected to provide access to all equipment covered by this warranty. Vidir Solutions shall not be responsible for any expense incurred in removing, replacing, or refinishing any part of the building structure necessary for the performance of Vidir Solutions’ obligations under this agreement.
  7. In the event that any alterations, additions, adjustments or repairs are made by others without Vidir Solutions’ prior written consent, Vidir Solutions may, at its option, terminate this warranty agreement pursuant to not less than three days advance written notice.
  8. In the event Vidir Solutions is required to make emergency calls, repairs and/or replacements under this agreement occasioned by the user’s negligence, improper operation or misuse of the equipment or by fire, explosion, flooding, the elements, strikes, labour troubles, vandalism, riots or civil commotion, or by any cause beyond Vidir Solutions’ control, the Purchaser shall reimburse Vidir Solutions for such emergency calls, repairs and/or replacements in accordance with the then current rates for such services.
  9. Vidir Solutions’ liability for injury to persons or property shall, in any event, be limited to that caused directly by its negligence. Vidir Solutions shall not be liable, however, on any account, for any damage or loss to the Purchaser or its dealers, resulting from business interruption, inconvenience, loss of profits, or special or indirect or consequential damage. Vidir Solutions shall not be deemed to guarantee or warrant the continuing operation or operating efficiency of the Equipment covered, nor shall Vidir Solutions be liable for any breakdowns thereof or for any damage to any other property of the Customer not covered by this agreement resulting from any breakdowns in or operating mishaps of the equipment covered, provided that, however, nothing contained in this paragraph shall be deemed to release Vidir Solutions from the performance of its services and obligations under this agreement.
  10. Should any payment due by the Purchaser become thirty days or more delinquent, Vidir may terminate this warranty by written notice, and all moneys owed Vidir Solutions shall be immediately payable on demand.
  11. This warranty is not transferable or assignable.
  12. Vidir Solutions reserves the right to use their judgment as to the best means and methods to be employed for any corrective or repair work necessary.
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