Vertical with Vidir – Episode 4

March 21, 2021 | Podcasts

How VLMs Help Companies Meet Increased Fulfillment Demand

As companies begin adjusting their facilities and day-to-day operations for a post-pandemic world, many of them deal with the challenges of ramping up production and fulfillment efficiently and safely.

Many don’t have the luxury of expanding their current facility to meet their needs, explained Robin Chestnut, a member of Vidir’s sales team.

“They need to make the best use of their space, and, often, that means using unused vertical space,” Chestnut said.

Vertical storage solutions, like Vidir’s vertical lift machine (VLM), allow companies to cover their bases in this regard.

“It’s been a trend for a while now, and it’s being amplified with COVID, but people need to make the most of their facilities,” Chestnut continued. “They’re looking for efficiencies everywhere they can.”

Part of the reason for Vidir’s success is the company’s ability to seamlessly adapt to the changes in their clients’ industries.

“There’s absolutely a shift towards automation,” explained Ryan O’Donnell, another member of the sales team at Vidir. “That’s just where the world is moving in material handling – just about every market out there is trying to get automated.”

“Vidir as a whole is always making changes to units to better them for industries and even breaking into new markets. What makes us stand out is our ability to adapt to market changes and where that’s headed.”

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