Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

Revolutionary new inventory management solution

Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

The Vidir Vertical Lift Module (or VLM) is Vidir’s revolutionary new automated storage and retrieval system that provides smart, adaptable inventory management to maximize density and increase productivity.

The VLM uses two tray towers, one in front and one in back, along with a central elevator. Trays are extracted and presented quickly, efficiently, and at an ergonomic height for the operator.

Storing the trays in vertical towers allows for a minimal footprint, saving up to 85% of floor space.  The VLM optimizes intralogistics by using a user-friendly retrieval system for raw materials.

Product Advantages

Automatic Height Detection

The VLM uses cutting-edge technology and intelligent software to accurately measure the amount of storage space required by each tray. It performs complex calculations to determine the most efficient storage location to optimize inventory density every time items are stored or retrieved.  The vertical orientation improves the overall throughput speed and increases capacity.

Intelligent Software

Along with maximizing density, Vidir’s intelligent software ensures the material handling process is as smooth and efficient as possible. Pick times are kept to a minimum to increase productivity and remove costly bottlenecks.  The VLM's servo motors provide an unparalleled combination of speed, power, and accuracy to reduce process time.

Total Control

The VLM puts you in control of your inventory while shrinking your storage footprint. The easy-to-use software interface allows you to pick and stock item lists, integrate with your ERP system, run reports from any connected PC, and includes remote access for service diagnostics, maximizing your productivity and ROI.

Best-in-Class Innovations

Vidir’s Vertical Lift Module is built to save you time. It provides ergonomic access while maximizing inventory space with a variable spacing of trays. Built with industry-leading engineering and servo motors, front-facing maintenance access, and best in class innovations, Vidir’s VLM modernizes operations in material handling technology.

Industry First Servo Motors – Offer higher velocity and accuracy, with Best-in-Class 10HP lift capacity.
Chain Drive – For Best-in-Class performance, durability, and safety.

Vidir is proud to include the VLM as part of its Vertical Storage family of Solutions. Vidir is excited to introduce innovations to continue its industry-leading support of high-density vertical inventory management.

Environmental Impact

The VLM maximizes production and efficiency while ensuring proper environmental sustainability.  Using friendly, recyclable materials, Vidir takes pride in contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and lowering its carbon footprint.

By using controlled environment solutions, these automated storage systems provide security and protection for materials while optimizing inventory operations.

Key FEatures

Video Training
Power Saving
Vidir Rapid
Schneider Industry
Vidir Remote
Laser Height
Front Maintenance
Seismic Ready

Reclaim Your Space

Before VLM - Traditional ShelvingAfter Vidir Vertical Lift Module

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