Sheet Metal VLS

Ultimate sheet metal storage and integration solution

Sheet Metal VLS

Vidir’s Sheet Metal Vertical Lift System (or VLS) is an automated storage and integration system designed to safely take advantage of high ceilings while implementing a Goods-to-Operator workflow. Basic ease of access and faster retrieval times can improve capital equipment output by up to 15-20%.

Vidir’s Sheet Metal VLS is a value-added solution for warehouse automation programs, and improves both productivity and safety.

Product Advantages

Increase Available Inventory

By investing in vertical storage, you can reduce your storage footprint by combining multiple sheet metal racks into a single tower that feeds your processing machines directly. Significant increases in useable storage capacity are realized by safely utilizing overhead space with automated sheet metal shelving.

A contained storage environment prevents material damage during storage and retrieval functions. Reduction in bulky static shelving and reserved forklift routes results in greatly increased storage capacity to grow your business without the need for a larger warehouse.

Increase Efficiency

Increased accessibility and improved product flow will result in less costs and more tangible ROI as the time required to transition from storage to processing decreases. Eliminate disruption in adjacent work cells caused by required forklift operation during processes. Available integration into warehouse automation processes further decreases retrieval times, allowing for increased productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Increase Health & Safety

Automated Sheet Storage Systems can greatly increase workplace safety by providing a secure and controlled delivery method for heavy pallets of sheet stored overhead. The reduction in forklift presence required due to integration within warehouse automation processes greatly reduces the potential for accidents. Eliminating the need for storage and retrieval on static shelving at unsafe heights with a forklift greatly increases safety with each product touchpoint that is removed.

Decrease Product Damage

Product damage is a calculable expense for manufacturers. Each touchpoint for the product offers another opportunity for forklift damage, driver error, and accidents. Single-point storage and integrated retrieval eliminates many possibilities for product damage, and can often be one of the major factors driving quick and significant ROI along with greatly increased efficiency.

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