Now Storing Hospital Beds

July 16, 2013 | News

Vidir Solutions, Inc., leading manufacturer of vertical storage solutions, is releasing for the first time a new vertical storage product, the Bedlift, that is revolutionary to the medical and hospital industry. The innovative Bedlift will allow hospitals and medical facilities throughout North America to save valuable floor space and reduce clutter filled corridors allowing medical personal to focus on patient care.

The Bedlift uses a footprint slightly larger than a single hospital bed and stacks the beds one on top of the other up to the ceiling with a push of a button by a single operator. The concept for a Bedlift was inspired by a customer wanting to know if the same vertical storage technology he had seen in other Vidir products such as a recreation vehicle lift could be applied to hospital beds. The engineers at Vidir were able to adapt the design and are releasing the new product line this week.

“We are very excited about launching this new product and the positive impact it will have,” stated Dean Dueck, Director of Marketing, Vidir Solutions, Inc.. He continued “The Bedlift is ideal for hospital and other medical facilities as a solution that not only saves valuable floor space, but removes potential fire hazards from the corridors and adds valuable seconds back into patient care.”

With the use of the redesigned Vidir Bedlift, customers can increase storage and efficiency while maintaining a safe and secure environment. For more information on the Vidir Bedlift, call 800-210-1041.

Revolutionary new inventory management solution

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