Manitoba-based Maker of Storage Racks Hitches a Ride to the Top

September 17, 2013 | News

Strict adherence to that age-old business adage “stick to your core competency” may best explain how a rural Manitoba manufacturer grew to become the sole supplier of storage racks to some of the largest big-box retailers in North America.

The company was named after a small Manitoba farming town that today is little more than an old schoolhouse and boarded-up church. In 1979, the pioneering entrepreneur Willie Dueck opened a repair shop for farmers there. It expanded into a lumberyard in nearby Arborg, and today the company operates three manufacturing facilities, has 130 employees and logs up to $25-million in annual revenue.

“It’s been an ongoing theme for us: ‘If it’s not our core offering, let’s outsource it,’” says David Klassen, chief financial officer of Vidir Solutions Inc., based in Arborg, Man. “We have to stick to what we’re good at, and we are a good manufacturer.”

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