Keeping Pace

July 22, 2014 | News

Maintain the quick pace and high energy of printing production processes with the use of Vidir’s Print Cylinder Carousel and Hollow Core Carousel. These carousels are two printing industry solutions Vidir offers that allow for quicker retrieval times of print cylinders and tooling through automation technology. While decreasing retrieval times, these carousels also maximize storage space and reduce health and safety hazards associated with unsafe retrieval methods.

The Print Cylinder Carousel stores and retrieves print cylinders automatically, helping facilitate printing press changeovers using quick and efficient vertical storing methods. This carousel employs the use of a unique carrier bar loop changer, which allows for a single operator to safely load and unload product.

Vidir’s Hollow Core Carousels are custom built to specification for storing, organizing and accessing printing cylinders. The carousel is quick and efficient, allowing printing sleeves to slide in and out of the carousel easily, featuring a cantilevered design that reduces tooling change over times.

Safety Gains

Functioning under the product to operator principle, these automated carousels eliminate unsafe reaching, bending, lifting and pushing while delivering product directly to the operator at an ergonomically acceptable height.

Vertical Optimization

Maximizing storage space is the name of our game and these carousels give you the most options when it comes to utilizing typically unused vertical space. The Print Cylinder Carousel and the Hollow Core Carousel are custom built-to-specification pieces of equipment, meaning that sky is the limit when it comes to how high and how much storage your application needs.

Maximized Efficiency

While we’re taking care of that wasted space in the vertical, we’re also working on eliminating steps and methods that are not only hazardous, but huge time wasters as well. Our carousels are easy to use and feature designs that require a single operator with assistive qualities including the unique carrier bar loop changer on the Print Cylinder Carousel and the cantilevered design of the Hollow Core Carousel that allows printing sleeves to slide in and out of the carousel quickly.

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