Warehousing Solutions

Inventory management solutions to speed up acquisition and reduce shrinkage.

Revolutionary new inventory management solution

High-density inventory management solution

Automated textile storage and display solution

Ultimate tire storage and display solution

Ultimate wire storage and display solution

Flexible, automated high density storage solution

Ultimate sheet metal storage and integration solution

Ultimate bar stock storage and integration solution

Ultimate garment storage and display solution

Automated vinyl storage and display solution

Automated carpet storage and display solution

Ultimate paint can storage and display solution

Solution Advantages

Increased Productivity

With the implementation of the Product-To-Person Principle, workers no longer have to waste time with search and retrieval functions, allowing the machines to bring the items to them, regardless of their location within the machine.

Integration into existing processes increases response speed and customer satisfaction, while also reducing shrinkage by eliminating unnecessary touchpoints.

Safety and Reliability

Safety is always a concern when it comes to warehouse and distribution facilities. Implementation of the Product-To-Person Principle reduces the need for potentially harmful steps for stocking and retrieving product.

All items are delivered at an ergonomically acceptable height, reducing unnecessary bending, stretching, climbing, pushing, etc.

Included standard safety features ensure all staff are safe while the machines are in operation.

High Capacity Storage

Make use of wasted vertical space, leaving the warehouse floor area available for more storage. Aisles stay clear while product remains accessible.

Multiple configuration options are available to allow for the highest density storage possible. Compact carrier design allows for the maximum number of levels in the height available.

Meet customer demand with increased selection, while maintaining a minimal footprint and quick ease-of-access.

Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

The great people at Harper Industries explain how Vidirs Vertical Lift Module (VLM) has seamlessly integrated into their manufacturing environment, improved the speed at which they serve their own customers, increased safety for their people, and helped make everyday operations more efficient.

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