Hollow Core Carousel at Print 13

August 15, 2013 | Events

The Hollow Core carousel is a highly effective solution for organizing, storing and accessing heavy printer cylinders and hollow printing sleeves.

Commercial printing operations understand the storage and damage control challenges of cylinders and sleeve mandrels in the production process. The cumbersome size, shape and weight along with delicate care of the precision tooled cylinders and sleeves, makes traditional storage unproductive and inefficient.

Designed as a custom solution for the print industry, the Print Cylinder and Hollow Core carousels are highly effective solutions for organizing, storing and accessing heavy printer cylinders and hollow printing sleeves. Through precise engineering and design efforts, Vidir has created a multi-benefit product line that allows print industry businesses to discover their untapped vertical space.

“ Vidir offered us a great solution for storing but also utilization of total cube space within our facility,” stated David Schmidt, Purchasing & Logistics Manager, Menasha Corporation, a product print, packing and logistics leader.  General benefits of storing vertical include space utilization, space and employee efficiency, ergonomics, safety and security.

The Vidir Print Cylinder Carousel is essential for storing and accessing heavy print cylinders at the highest possible storage density. The unique ‘carrier bar loop hangers’ easily slip over cylinder ends offering sturdy and safe storage. Whatever your needs, the Print Carousel is fully customizable for your operations.

Just like the Print Cylinder Carousel, the convenience and small footprint of the Hollow Core Carousel makes it ideal for use in a busy printing production environment. The print sleeves are stored on cantilevered pipe and can simply be pulled out of the carousel without having to unlatch or unfasten any restraints. The Cantilever Carousel can handle sleeves up to 25” in diameter and 10’ in length.  In addition, the Hollow Core also comes equipped with an automated retrieval system, providing additional operator safety and product security.

“Vertical carousels are a great solution for storage and retrieval in the printing and converting industry. First and foremost, they save valuable floor space by allowing you to store more with less. Secondly, they reduce your operating costs by automating the retrieval of your print cylinders and sleeves. Finally, vertical carousels protect your inventory from damage and increase your organization with the ability to integrate with ERP, WMS, or Inventory Software. All of these benefits lower your operating costs which in turn increases your margins,” stated Dean Dueck, Marketing Director, Vidir Solutions, Inc.

At Print 13, the year’s most comprehensive graphic communications industry exhibition, more than 550+ exhibitors will demonstrate the hottest new equipment and products in the printing industry.  As a first time exhibitor at this tradeshow, Vidir hopes to increase their exposure in the printing industry. “Quality exposure can be difficult to get and we are very excited about the possibilities that Print 13 represents to Vidir as a first time exhibitor,” added Dean Dueck.

For more information on the capabilities of the Vidir Print Cylinder Carousel and the Hollow Core Carousel, visit Vidir Solutions at booth 3884 at the Print 13 tradeshow September 8 –12th.

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