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September 17, 2013 | News

New technology is a company staple that is increasing productivity and bringing the production of previously outsourced components in-house.

Vinyl flooring from Home Depot, Menards, and Lowe’s and bikes from Wal-Mart—there’s a good chance those items have spent time in a vertical storage unit built by Vidir Solutions Inc., an international company tucked among the fields, off a gravel road just outside the small burg of Arborg, Manitoba. Vidir designs and builds mechanical and automated systems that help companies reclaim and efficiently use lost space. Think about converting unused cubic feet over a loading bay, above an aisle, or in a hard-to-access basement or upper level into accessible storage areas.

Willie Dueck, who still enjoys walking the plant and watching it grow as he approaches his 90th year, established the company in the 1970s. The family-run business began as a small repair shop serving the local agricultural community and producing cattle equipment, grain wagons, and air seeders. Family members also owned and operated a lumberyard that sold vinyl flooring. The need to efficiently deal with the vinyl rolls laid the groundwork for Vidir’s first vertical storage unit.

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Revolutionary new inventory management solution

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