Automated Bedlift Gives You More Space

August 12, 2014 | News

All of Vidir’s Vertical Storage solutions aim to meet one goal: maximizing your space in the most efficient ways possible. Vidir’s Bedlift is no different. This space saving vertical storage solution is a cost effective way to remove unused “hallway beds” from hospital corridors and store them in a neat and easy to access fashion.

Stacking unused beds vertically in a secure storage system will recover valuable floor space by reducing hallway clutter and removing potential fire hazards from hospital corridors. By using Vidir’s Bedlift, hospital maintenance departments will see a dramatic increase in storage capacity, organization and product flow, which will reduce down time and increase the number of beds available to patients.

In addition to increasing space and efficiency, removing unused beds from hallways reduces hazards, which will allow hospitals to meet or continue to meet JCAHO standards regarding the storage of hospital beds. Improper storage of hospital beds can lead to fines or worst-case scenario, loss of accreditation.

These bedlifts are simple to use, and can be operated by a single person with the push of a button. Operating on the LIFO picking concept, the first bed is loaded onto the lift and raised vertically, which opens up space below the bed for the next unit.

Available in heights of up to 12’ 6’’, you can select the height that fits your need best. Choose from models that can hold three, four or five beds with optional security gate to prohibit unauthorized use in public spaces.

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